Derek Hale
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Born on November 7, 1988 Derek Hale was born a werewolf. Being a natural born wasn’t too much of a challenge for him. His family, which was also his pack, taught him how to control the changes even during full moons. Derek can shift when he wants to, but he usually shifts when he’s about to battle or if he gets very angry, sometimes in a desperate way. Such as when he shoved Jackson against the lockers and left a scar on the back of his neck. Derek has lived in Beacon Hills his whole life. He had a very large family and they all happily lived in a house in the woods. Derek tried being a normal teenager, he still went to school, got a job. He encountered in a sexual relationship with Kate Argent. Little did he know that Kate was using him to get to his family. About six years ago he was at school with his sister and only to come home to see that his house, and family, had been burned to death. Derek, his sister Laura, and his uncle Peter, are supposidly the only known survivors of the fire. Later on in the years, Derek encouners Scott McCall, who blames Derek for the bite. Derek claims he was not responsible and that another werewolf, The Alpha, is the one who bit Scott. Derek assumes the role of a mentor to Scott, explaining what it means to be a werewolf and how to control his new instincts and nature. He also attempts to keep Scott away from The Alpha, explaining that the beast wants Scott to kill with him and join his pack. Derek tells Scott that if The Alpha finds him, Scott will have to kill with him or be killed. Yet Scott isn’t the only one Derek has to deal with. He is also having to deal with Stiles Stillinksi… Just… Don’t even get him started. Derek is later confronted by Jackson Whittemore who demanded to be bitten and turned into a werewolf. Derek, Scott, and the help of Jackson and Allison, they are able to take down the alpha, which was Peter. They burn him to death and Derek then kills his uncle, not becoming the new alpha. Later on Jackson Wittermore approaches Derek, demanding to make him a werewolf. Needing members of his pack, Derek granted his wish, and he makes Jackson part of his new pack. Derek is now here in Mystic Falls, hoping to gain members for his pack. Little does he know that the creatures here aren’t what he was expecting to run into.


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